UC Building 6B Mural Competition Entry 2016

Briefing (Provided by UC)

The design of the original art work should portray a balance between learning & fun. The elements in the artwork can be site specific by drawing abstract inspiration from the building and its immediate surroundings. Ultimately the final artwork should see beyond spatial relationships and be able to connect elements that doesn’t seem obvious.
·         The art work should maintain the transparency towards the courtyard
·         The artwork cannot be political inclined
·         The artwork cannot be cramped or seems to look too busy
·         The length of the wall is 29285mm
·         Aluminium framed glass façade
·         All the existing frosted decal will be removed to make way for the new artwork

My Response

The proposed artwork is inspired by fire which makes a fun and abstract pattern. It incorporates UC's philosophy to 'Inspire the change that people seek' by using a fire, which is an ever changing and growing object. This also works with one of UC's goals to 'provide transformative experiences'. Fire is a symbol that represents passion, desire, and growth, elements that the University of Canberra aims to inspire in its students.  These students are represented by the individual bits of flames that branch off in different directions and grow. The colours are taken from each of the four areas of study in UC. This is to represent the different paths that people take and how they sometimes meet, collaborate, or change all together. Ultimately they all move forward, work and collaborate together. 

The design leaves white space that allows transparency in the large gaps and in between the small pieces of fire. It can be seen through whether inside the building or outside on the courtyard. Though the artwork consists of many small pieces, it flows in a linear fashion, resulting in a smooth and relaxing viewing experience. The design is also naturally generative, so it can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of the glass windows easily.  

Using Format