Right Sight Construction

Right Sight Constructions sought an identity for itself to stand out from the well established and traditional competitors in the local market. The client was ready to leap from an employee to employer and build his own company. Right Sight sought to fill the customer service gap in the construction industry with care and service usually regarded with hotels or boutiques.

The Problem


Right Sight is a company built on values first and human design. The brand needed to communicate these values.


The business relies on its grassroots origins and their customer network is valued and utilised as the main source of marketing.


The brand needed to stand out in a sea of local established businesses with literal branding and logo designs.

The Solution

Right Sight Construction believes in making your vision their vision as well. A home is only a home with people in it and their story is what RSC can imbue into the house. The clean, modern, and geometric design conveys their profession and nuanced approach.

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