Florey Primary School - Poster Design

Through a government program introduced to me, I volunteered to work with Florey Primary School and help them design new mascots and posters to re-deploy their Positive Behaviour Learning framework across the school. I was super excited to work with Florey Primary as I used to attend it as a kid so going back there and leaving my own mark there was exciting.

The school required three different birds to represent each behaviour. These were Respectful Rosella, Safety Swan, and Learner Lorikeet. The birds had to stand on their own and the designs could not include other birds. They also asked that the birds have an accessory or item that related to the behaviour to help illustrate it.  With all this in mind I started doing sketches for each as you can see below.

Respectful Rosella

Safety Swan

Learner Lorikeet

One of the goals of the project was to create ownership and community involvement over the birds and posters. The birds were designed to be recognisable and comparable to their real-life counter-parts on the streets and outside houses. Two designs of each bird were chosen to be put up for vote by the school community and below are the ones that were chosen.

To further push the localisation and sense of ownership, I designed the border of the poster on gumtree leaves and nuts. These are trees commonly seen around the area and the school so they were a perfect fit for the posters. They provide integration and pair with the birds well.

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