Discover Graduate Exhibition - Branding


The annual Faculty of Arts and Design Graduate Exhibition offers students the opportunity to showcase their works to industry professionals and the greater community. The cross-discipline show features works from various areas such as Architecture, Interior Design, Cultural Heritage, Journalism, Web Design, and least but not last, Graphic Design. With such varying practices, the challenge came in finding a suitable brand identity that could tie everyone underneath one banner.


The soul of the exhibition is within the students themselves.

On the surface, students go into university as an utilitarian means to an end. We watch lectures, forget our to do our readings, learn valuable skills, and then proceed to the next steps in our career. Fortunately it’s not that straight forward.

University is a journey of self-discovery. Once started, we meet extraordinary people, are put into new experiences, travel unfamiliar lands, and in the end discover more about ourselves. Whether it’s a particular artistic style, renewed passion, or way of thinking, we are constantly learning and even at the end of our degree we will never stop. Those who haven’t been to university will also be familiar with it.

It’s universal.

It’s important to reflect on this, despite the hardships and lows we all should be proud of how far we’ve come. The wider world should know about it to.

The Sponsors Lunch

To celebrate and honour our sponsors we invited them to a lunch with faculty staff and the graduating design students of 2018.

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