Canberra Chinese Moon Festival 2016 Logo Competition


The FCA-ACT (Federation of the Chinese Associations of ACT) was hosting the first ever celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival in Canberra for 2016. As a apart of this they held a competition to design the logo for the event. 

The logo looked to convey the spirit of the festival and also tell people it was from Canberra. This were my ideas and entries into the festival. I placed second overall.


I decided to go for a traditional look based on Chinese symbols and patterns often associated with feast, family and happiness, ideals of the festival. I believe that the circular symbol logo would lend authority and authenticity to the event and help establish it as the first large-scale celebration of the event in Canberra. 

I chose red, green, and gold colours as the focus as they are colours associated with happiness, wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture.


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